Factory Grade

They failed to understand his silence,

He failed to convey his intentions,

It was not all about consoling him that “Everything would be alright”,

He knew that things would change for his own good,

He was different,

He worked day and night to achieve his dreams,

He had to quit everything, from social life to conversations with his friends,

What wrong did he do?

He just demanded a successful life against his hard work,

Was it too much to ask for??

He was tired,

No more did the songs on his playlist entertained him,

No more was he able to compute things,

He had turned himself into a rock,

Or did the events turn him into one?

Questions were left unanswered, He no more tried to search for an answer,

Because he was scared that he would fail to find one,

He was scared to face another failure,

Maybe this was the time when he quits,

Maybe time was testing his patience,

But for how long, it had been FIVE YEARS ALREADY,

No more can he face himself.

Times are not quite easy as they seem to be. Life is a mixture of tough times and sweet memories, a perfect blend is up to us, How we create it and how effectively do we keep it going.

We all are well aware of the frustration that eats us when we fail to do something, it doesn’t only demand our patience but also reduces our creativity to a great extent during that period. It’s easy to just “Quit” sometimes, but Life becomes much easier when we take “Quit” as a challenge and fight for success. Believe me, the taste of success is something that you would cherish forever. Also, Life is not all about achieving milestones and forgetting to cherish the “Joyful” moments which act as a fuel to keep this beautiful machine (Heart) working. A beautiful machine which does get stressed out.

So what’s the solution for this “Not so Complex” problem that appears quite “Complex” because of the deputy machine (Brain) that we got working 24×7?

Well, solution resided in ourselves, it’s just that we didn’t analyze it till now, we never tried to rather. The earlier beings used to relieve stress by “Socializing with Nature”. This might sound as a brand new term to many people but it’s quite effective. Socializing with nature is a skill that’s long gone, people have not only forgotten about it but also take it for granted in many cases. 

Socializing with nature basically translates to spending some quality time in the wilderness and giving ourselves some time to understand and grow spiritually as well as on a psychological basis. The brain evolves, but if we trap it in between our successe’s and failures it will stop recognizing its very own capability which in turn results in a drastic decrease in creativity which results in lack of interest in doing the work, hence life becomes monotonous.

Let’s Evolve first!





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  1. My sister was in a similar situation for 4 years but after that…. Something suddenly clicked. It was as if all get luck of 4 years clicked on one single day. That’s the way the universe helps us. She was hustling so hard that the universe caved in and gave her what she desired. I think, it’s just a matter of time. We all live with our own unique clocks and lucks. I think that everything will click in the end. And the socializing with nature Concept helps us in the process!


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