Two Hearts on a Cold Street

A beautiful melancholy,

A composition that was brand new,

Never heard, Never seen before,

A first-hand experience,

The way they coupled their hands together,

Forming a perfect grip, A grip that would never loosen,

The way their eyes met, followed by their souls,

It was different, A bit unique,

They weren’t searching for a destination,

They weren’t pursuing people anymore,

It was just two of them,

And the silence.

The Two Hearts on a Cold Street!

Two hearts on a cold street is all about the strangers, who never communicate verbally, its just the eyes that speak everything, clearing the bridge between them.

Life is just a Gorgeous Hypothetical Lie that we tell to ourself.

You may ask how, and I’ve a beautiful answer to it.

Imagine a beautiful sunset with your loved ones, just a perfect blend of emotions and a story to narrate. Maturity is when you observe each other grow and let each other explore their career paths with a perspective that they never thought about. Now here comes the slap of reality, We get ourselves involved in a lot of activities. Your beautiful thought of having a wall between professional and personal life ceases to comply with you. And you collapse!!

And that’s when those eyes provide you with the much-required warmth and that’s when you feel like gazing the stars spread across the black sky. The sky dust now seems lively to you, which you earlier used to see as fog, now appears to be the curtain behind which the stars would play the game of Hide & Seek.

Life is a psychological lie as I say. Just wait for the person who introduces you to the truth in the most subtle & smooth way possible.

P.S: Failed to stop myself from writing. That’s the only thing that kept me alive, maybe I should resume writing. A bit at times. Have an amazing read!



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21 thoughts on “Two Hearts on a Cold Street

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  1. Hi there Mr Kalyan. Glad to see that you are back. You can isolate the writing but not the writer in you. Happy to read your work.

    Interesting title two hearts and a cold street. Reminded me of something.
    Good day

    Liked by 1 person

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