You Will Never Sleep Alone

I’m sorry for the time you had to binge-watch all the series alone,

When you had to finish all the ice-cream alone without fighting Me,

When you didn’t have to fight for the Remote,

When you no longer had to fight for the right side of the bed,

When the time was elapsing at a slower pace,

When you were just waiting for the doorbell to ring,

When you intentionally checked the door lock for a surprise, whether I would be in there or not,

When you would wait for me in the parking just to realize that I would no more tease you by accelerating the bike when you would try to sit on the pillion,

When you would want a chocolate to shut all you cravings, but no one to understand that you hate dry fruits in chocolates,

When you just want to have a pep talk with your Dad and you won’t find me.

I’m sorry for the tough times,

Someone had to get out in the wilderness, my dear,

And this time it’d to be your dad.

But I promise you my dear Tigress

You will never sleep alone.

I would be always there beside you, Protecting you from the evil and bad.

Lot’s of Love,


This blog doesn’t need any psychological conclusion , does it?

Just a beautiful bond to be rejoiced!

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24 thoughts on “You Will Never Sleep Alone

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  1. It’s beautiful. It doesn’t need any psychological conclusion. “Someone had to get out in the wilderness… And this time it’ll be your dad.” This us just amazing! I loved this line🔥💝

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    1. Thank you for the appreciation Arushi, yes, but my style is a bit confusing, I mean there are lot many ways one can interpret the short stories I write. And yes, parents are the one who get themselves into the wilderness for us. Keep reading!


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