You Gotta Stick by me

No one could ever understand him,

It was not because he was dumb, It was not because no one knew sign language,

It was just that no one tried to see through him,

Everyone tried to Communicate,

But failed to Sense,

Everyone told him stories of “Success”,

But no one acknowledged his past Wins,

Was he different?

Or Was he someone Special?

People often fail to understand the Special ones,

They try to interpret, But don’t sense/feel what the opposite person is feeling,

Maybe this is the difference,

Why we humans with all senses working perfectly,

Still fail to understand one another?

“You Gotta Stick by Me” talks about a Health Condition, more of a mental health condition that we, as a general public face. We, humans, try to express more rather than understanding or interpreting more. This is quite normal in the present world as everyone tries to put forward his/her idea first to win the cake. But, is it better to react before Understanding the situation?

You may ask how is the above story related to Understanding things?

It’s quite simple, people who are not gifted with all the senses are better observers when compared to people who are gifted with all the senses. This happens because, an individual possesses a skill which he/she loves to put to use, known as “Overpowering”. We need to question ourselves whether overpowering others is a fair play in all situations, irrespective of the sensitivity of the issue?

Well, this is something that we should question ourselves!



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24 thoughts on “You Gotta Stick by me

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  1. Really nice post, Kalyan. Empathy, and now emotional intelligence are gaining increasing importance everywhere, especially at the workplace.
    You’re right, it is so important to understand before we express.
    Thanks for sharing this with us! ☺️💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love these type of appreciation. I am stuck in this hectic traffic unable to reach home post office and forgot about post. This comment just lit my mood up. Thanks a lot Ellen.


      1. Getting stuck in traffic is a real headache, isn’t it? 😕
        You’re welcome, Kalyan. I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work. ☺️💛

        Liked by 1 person

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