Running across the hallway of the glass building,

He ran towards the elevator,

In hope to not miss his Date,

Not miss his lunch hour with her,

Just when he reached the ground floor,

A hand pulled him back into the elevator and the elevator door closed,

With anger raging from his within,

He gave the scariest look that would scare away the toughest person,

But He couldn’t scare her,

And there she was with a puppy face,

Apologizing for her busy routine with her sparkling eyes,

Cute enough to transform his anger into Love,

He held her tight, And hugged her,

A hug that he did miss since a long time,

Professions did keep them away from each other,

What united them is a never-ending emotional bond they shared,

A bond called “Love”,

“Half white” is dedicated to all those people who are away from each other at physical proximity but are united by their heart, they can be friends or family. It’s quite understandable how hard it is to leave your loved ones for a professional career or to give your life a new start. It’s tough but it’s mandatory, we humans are emotional beings and we can’t deny that fact. But we need to learn how things work, Let me put this in the form of a simple equation;

Growing up + Responsibilities + Professional Career = Giving up on Dearest things.
To grow more you need to give up more, either your sleep, your loved ones or anything else. It’s just mandatory, we can’t be omnipresent. So what should you do to not let this overpower your brain?

There’s a simple remedy, it might sound and be a little tough to implement but slowly it gives out the best results. I divided this into Four stages,

Stage I: Trying to understand what exactly you need.

Stage II: Prioritising needs without any shame.

Stage III: Conveying your point without backing-off or hesitating.

Stage IV: Understanding two sides of the story and “Responding”, Not just “Reacting” to the situation with zero background check!



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10 thoughts on “Half-White

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  1. Relationships are all about compromise. Sometimes you have to let go of something in order to grow closer to your loved one. ☺️
    I like the equations and the steps, very creative way of putting your point across.
    And a very beautiful story, Kalyan. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your comments have details which are quite rare to find. Only 4 to 5 bloggers on my list comment in that way. And likewise, i love your writing too. The way you put words with raw emotions.


  2. This hits close to home. Being an adult is tough. Why on Earth did we wait so impatiently to grow up when we were children?!
    I’m now looking for a job abroad, knowing that making this dream come true means I have to part with my family. It’s such a tough, heartbreaking choice to make…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were so impatient because we saw grown up people enjoy their lives but little did we know that they were hiding scars behind their joy.
      It’s quite tough Alphe to leave family but this is how it works, you leave your family for your career and maybe you establish your own family and that continues. You should try to go on a road trip before you part for your job. Stay Happy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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