As I lay her down,

She was quiet, This time she wasn’t demanding any cookies from the jar,

Unlike the last time,

She didn’t break the jar,

Neither did she seek attention,

She was calm as sea,

I hated this, Way too much,

The Numbness, No one to play with, Spend time with,

No one to admire, No one to share all my sufferings with,

This is quite wrong, how can my world just shatter into pieces, just like that,

It was not just about the sorrow, 

It was about the tears which ceased to release themselves from the trap of my eyes,

As I lay her down, to the deepest depths of the ground,

I was hesitant to bury her, I just didn’t want to lose her,

It was a terrible feeling,

A mixed one,

I was scared to be left alone, 

After my daughter’s demise,

This time, it was the four-legged creature,

A gift from my baby, a pup,

My screams rumbled through every brick of that thick concrete wall,

I just wasn’t tired enough,

I struggled to survive each day,

People say they fear Death,

But I was scared of Life,

It’s awful,

I wasn’t able to enjoy it, Events, Despair, Sorrows, Deaths,

An Endless cycle, I tried to cry,

I wasn’t able to,

I worked my ass-off to become someone who can’t be moved,

But what did I do to myself?

I just grieve,

Every single day, 

Now & Forever,

Forever and Ever,

I wish I never wore that Veil on my face!





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  1. My screams rummbled to every brick of the concrete walls… God felt that line… Deep with emotions but not dark enough for my expectations.
    Keep blogging look forward to darker blogs✌🌸

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