Devil & Piano

I was on break, A simple, beautiful vacation,

Although alone, As always,

I had a hatred towards that Villa, Infinite reasons to count,

Everything was picture-perfect back then,

Life was just beautiful, I had a reason to come back home, I had a reason to be happy,

But I guess Life never worked that way,

Or maybe I was the chosen one for this horrendous experiment,

I never wanted to turn myself into this,

Never dreamt of meeting people at such a place,

Where they would defame Me,

Where they would seek my Love instead of my hatred,

Because they knew what would be unleashed upon them if I turned myself in,

Everyone hesitated to talk to me as I walked down the lane,

The lane dripping lava along the footpath,

The Piano which played the same tune with each step I took towards the throne,

The keys bled tunes inside the trapped souls,

With each key-stroke reminding them of their sins,

Every soul running away from Me,

The Screams, I could hear them,

Loud and Clear,

They were reminiscent to my past Life,

Just the way my family was seated at the dinner table,

Awaiting to be shot in their head, At point-blank,

I wasn’t scared anymore, I had now acknowledged this as my present,

Where I sense souls running away from Me,

I wasn’t the bad guy,

I had to shoot them in order to protect them,

I was left with no choice,

Either to give them a less painful death,

Or watch them suffer,

What else could I do?

I never chose to become a Devil,

I never desired to rule Hell,

As they say, the best souls trapped in worst scenarios leap towards hell,

So did I,

As I walk through the sorrows & miseries of the souls trapped here,

I try to find myself, Discover myself,

And I end up seeing my own face in this Mirror,





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    1. Thanks much for the appreciation Moushmi. I would ask for a proper 6 hrs sleep rather a vacation though. Hope you’re doing good and using your time for the research. Stay happy ๐Ÿ™‚


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