Walk Me Home Tonight

I froze the time for you,

No more will anyone bother us,

No more do you need to be aware of yourself,

You don’t need to listen to anyone,

It’s just you and me, and the silence,

You never asked for a thing,

Never did I see you back-off in any situation,

You always have been there,

Just for tonight,

I want you to walk me home,

Carry me in your arms like you always do,

I don’t know whether we would get a chance to meet again,

Till then, I want you to be on my side,

Embracing my body in your arms, and walking my soul home tonight!

It’s never too late. Not all of us understand the importance that a person carries in our life. It’s not something that the person should be blamed for, we’ll do co-exist in a materialistic world where preference goes for things, “Things” which are owned by money. So who’s there to blame for?

I deduced a simple solution for the hectic life we live, “hectic” in terms of time. One time meal together can bring a family together is what I believe in. And it’s quite logical too, over a meal a family can have conversations not just about how their day went, but also about various things that bonds them together. After all, when you return home after a tiring day at work, you just need a person on whose shoulder you can lay your head and go to a peaceful sleep without worrying about losing anything. Because you know, that person will always be present with you, with whom you can walk back home.

P.S: I don’t believe in writing complex stories or poems because we all got 24 hours to do something amazing, and I would love to keep the reading time the least with maximum realization and understanding among readers. I hope I succeeded in what I’m trying to do!




21 thoughts on “Walk Me Home Tonight

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  1. 💯 % success… Simplicity increases the beauty.. Me too love using simple words so that anyone can understand…  
    “One time meal together can bring a family together” – I love this… and yes it is

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