“The time has come, you need to leave to your new destination!”

He heard a voice, which was quite familiar to him,

He didn’t utter a single word, neither did he turn back,

He was standing at the same place for hours now,

He recollected all the memories he had,

His past rolled like a film before his eyes,

There were happy as well as depressing moments too,

But he reminds himself of the next Destination,

A new Target to achieve,

A new Goal to be Set,

He uncuffs his imagination,

Yet another time,

But this time he promised himself,

To set another example for the upcoming generations,

To narrate his way of Life,

He descends down the stairs of the place,

That gave him unforgettable memories and people,

Just to ascend his life at an exponential pace.

We’ll have faced farewells, at some point in time. It’s not just about an emotional outburst as it is hyped over-time. It’s more about setting goals for the upcoming days and moving at a much faster pace to achieve the pre-set goals.

Things do change and so do people, But that’s the LAW that governs the world. 

“If you’re the same person as you were a few hours before, you aren’t progressing”





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