A Mask for a Lifetime

Scrolling through the camera roll,

I did find a lot many memories,

Every time they could see an expressionless face,

Trying to fit in the frame in a very awkward manner,

Not every person who shows emotion is emotional,

And not every person who doesn’t shower emotion is emotionless,

Here I was, on a crossroad,

With a Mask covering all my tough times,

A Mask covering all my scars and tears from everyone,

What they could see was just a Smile engraved on it,

A smile which didn’t last on that face,

Which rather chose not to be on that face,

Tough times did turn him into a rock,

It was not something about “Love”,

It was about making memories that he failed to.

We all do have a Mask in our closet, it’s something that we wear every day, few wear them to work and few wear them to their families varying from person to person. The masks do come in various shapes and sizes, some are transparent while the others are opaque. Not everyone behind the mask hides everything, some wear it to protect themselves from the stronger species, whereas some wear it to pretend as if they are the stronger species.

“Life is Not quite Easy, not so Tough, it’s just a Mess full of Magical Stuff”







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