The 3 A.M Coffee

He used to wake up early at 3 a.m for jogging whereas it was the time she used to return from her night shift, tired and exhausted she used to go for a coffee near her PG hostel. And as always she used to order an “Espresso” and would hold the stirrer for hours just looking at the coffee and thinking about herself, she used to open Facebook and as usual, she used to like and react to few pictures.

He would be sprinting all around the motionless and lifeless roads as if the day had just begun, and the sun used to wait for his last round around the 3 A.M. COFFEE SHOP, It was his part of training, which he never missed at any cost, only he knew how much he enjoyed the silence along the woods. As soon as he completed his last round, he would go to that coffee shop and order a decaffeinated coffee.

She used to sit there browsing on her phone, and he spent time browsing each and every detail of that coffee shop, again his part of training, the only thing that differentiated them was silence. She used to hear her teammate’s voice while working in her office whereas he used to hear war cries of his battalion. It was surprising that both of them went to the 3 a.m. coffee shop at the same time, still, they just exchanged just a “hi”, since 8 months it was the same scenario.

Until that one day when she was crying and her tear drops falling on the saucer, he noticed but he kept quiet, he was too shy to interfere and she was way too shy to ask, he gave her a chocolate while going, and she was very happy with his gesture, and the time she realized that he gave her a chocolate wrapper, but not the chocolate, her teardrops which were because of sadness were now because of laughter….. she followed him back to the jogging track, and thanked him. And when she asked him for his number, he just gave a wide smile and said: “Let’s just be vivid strangers”.


Life is always about spreading smiles on face’s, at the end of the day, what matters one the most is the count of smiles you spread!!




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