Black Are The Ashes

They thought it was cool!!

Holding cigarette in one hand, and alcohol in other,

They thought it was cool,

At such a tender age when they should be the stick to their parents,

They stuck to all those life-reducing and base-less concepts of addiction,

They were just Nineteen,

They thought they were grown-ups,

Were they???

Generation these days are given the freedom,

Well, freedom’s definition is not the same anymore,

Freedom now means, Car+pocket money,

And freedom nowadays isn’t given or earned,

It is snatched by these so-called grownups from their parents,

Wearing the masks of innocence and truthfulness,

These to-be juvenile criminals held their hands on addiction!!

They used to find this addiction to smoking & drinking to be cool,

But did they know the side effects of coolness????

Not only do they lose themselves,

But they lose every hard-earned penny ever,

Some get addicted to these thinking that its cool,

Whereas other’s do to forget things,

Like in 19 years they faced something so terrible that they could never forget,

Tired and dizzy,

They doze-off, 

Sadly, not on their bed, but on a floor,

A floor which wasn’t cleaned with cleaning-liquids,

But was fully drenched with alcohol,

And they thought it was cool…….

To all those youngsters and every age group out there, who got addicted to such things which were made for a medicational purpose, not for consumption!!!

If you think its cool to have these addictions, then you are wrong, you are just reducing your life-span and you are trying to minimize the time you have that you can spend with your beloved ones.

In this beautiful world, there doesn’t exist any such reason for which you will be forced to get addicted to these bad-habits. Even if there exists any one, you have counsellors to help you out.

It’s all about the first step that you take, it creates an impact, either by improving your health conditions or by the tremors that are felt by your beloved ones when they hear “he/she isn’t anymore”.

They forgot black are the ashes of cigarette and so a dead body when burnt!





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