When I lost Myself

Few showered sympathy,

Few walked by,

Very few understood,

The time when I lost myself,

I heard that people cry when they feel sad,

If sadness could ever be defined,

For one it might be some of the most valuable items he/she possessed,

Whereas for me it was much more than an inanimate object,

When do I learn how not to lose myself again,

Into those Entangled threads,

Entangled threads who guided me,

Those entangled threads, now separated, forever……

I don’t understand,

How easily I lost myself,

Into desert of memories,

Where the old ones got faded slowly,

And the new ones were forming layer over layer,

Giving me a tough job to dig, and find the missing phase of my life,

The puzzle is yet to be completed,

The pictures yet to be framed,

But the loss could never be forgotten,

I wish I was the part of puzzle,

But it’s me who is solving the puzzle,

It’s me who is digging up the layers of the puzzle,

To find that one missing part in my life,

To find that one person………




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