Герой Российской Федерации) is the highest honorary title of the Russian Federation. A person that has been best own this title also receives a Gold Star medal, an insignia of honor that identifies recipients.

The title is awarded to persons for “service to the Russian state and nation, usually connected with a heroic feat of valor”. The title is bestowed by decree of the president of the Russian Federation. Russian citizenship or being in the service of the Russian state is not obligatory.

The title was established in 1992, and has been awarded more than 970 times since then, including more than 440 times posthumously.

Здравствуйте ( hello ) readers, this article is about a martyr – Magomed Nurbagandov, a police officer from Russia who was awarded HERO OF RUSSIA honor posthumous.

Magomed Nurbagandov from the volatile North Caucasus province of Dagestan was captured by Islamic militants and shot dead in July. Security services later tracked down the militants and found a video, in which the captors demanded that Nurbagandov urge his colleagues to resign from the police and he defied them, saying: “Keep on working, brothers!” before being killed.

However, when the depraved thugs ordered the cop to tell his colleagues to “quit their jobs”, defiant Magomed looked at the camera and said: “Keep on working, brothers. What else is there to say?”

The warped killers had earlier stormed a camp in the woods where the fearless officer had been staying off-duty with his cousin.

But after they executed his relative in front of him, the fanatic’s discovered Magomed’s police identification prompting them to pull out their phones and start filming the
macabre footage.

Nurbagandov just before getting shot in head by captors


” He had no fear in his eyes, and what should he fear for when he is sacrificing his live for his country which he loved and he paid his debt “




“Not many have that sacred opportunity to sacrifice their lives for their country but few do”….

We all cry for not having that many facilities that we require but these people are ready to leave their luxuries so as to ensure that their countrymen are safe and secure…we can’t even leave one time meal and these people leave their kids to dine alone forever

We may not be well enough to serve our country but we can support it in many ways via giving up our luxuries for some good cause, it is not about the present situation the world is facing but about the future we may face if we aren’t yet prepared to fight.

We already are loosing precious lives at border since independence and still we are fighting with each other sharing the same soil…are we worth humans??? Why can’t we be as simple as Magomed Nurbagandov.

With this i want to show my deep condolence to each and every life lost while fighting for their countries…

Left: President Vladimir Putin Center: Kumsiyat Nurbagandova Right:Nurbagand Nurbagandov



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