Hello friends, i am back with new article on technology and effects, Let me take you 5 years back when we actually enjoyed out time playing football and cricket in fields,going to dance classes, attending party’s , chilling out with friends, and enjoying the moments rather than capturing them using lenses…we used to use a lens of 324 megapixel rather than using DSLR’s and smartphones.

We all know time flies by , but it is us who can control the direction where it flows, many of us are forgetting ourselves by keeping ourselves busy on social networks and soo on…yes we are undoubtedly benefited by technology in many ways but we shouldn’t allow technology to govern us, the one who created technology is a human and we must be master always, the day we become slave is the day we stop controlling technology and let it control us and that day even our brain wont be anymore in our control.

Nowadays it became like a competition uploading pictures with celebrities or going to cool places and uploading pics against the pic uploaded by anyone else so as to make let them mark your lavish life…..i wonder how someone can that easily let some other person know how he lives his life, the way we live our life should make a positive impact on other people rather than making them feel jealous about you.

Technology was actually meant to make lives easier rather than making us totally rely on them, For example we use Facebook and we actually get a lot of info and news about trending topics and yes we see a lot of unwanted content which deviates our brain from our goal and we just follow the unwanted content to explore more and we waste more time and resource.

We all are surrounded by technology whole day and there is no offence in that but we have to remember that to sharpen our IQ and add databases and info to our brain is much more important than adding or uploading pics on social webs :p :p …..

So let’s make this SUNDAY more interesting by locking gadgets in a room and unlocking windows of our brain….





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  1. The point is that whatever we do, or see others doing, we or they immediately get into unhealthy and unnecessary competition, while ignoring other brighter things. Yeah, competition for survival is good, but not competition for mental satisfaction (the feeling of I am great too, like them). The peace of mind comes from within…
    — Aditya

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