A Complex Algorithm

  • We all have seen ups and downs in our lives, it maybe a huge one or a minute one but they taught us many unforgettable things which plays an important role throughout our life.
  • So, life is never complex it is what we do to make it complex...for example i titled this article as ” A Complex Algorithm ” and few of you already assumed after reading 2 or 3 lines that i am talking about life right ?? Life is very simple and i would like to share few of instruction sets i feel which will lead you to have much more efficient personality;
  • Try to help as many people as possible, don’t just think about what you will obtain by helping the other person, help is a free-of-cost service. You will experience that happiness and positivity when you help the other person
  • Respect everyone irrespective of their social status, each one of us have come through lot of experiences in our life and each one of us have come through lot of bad as well as good situations in our life hence each one of us have built their own personality which we should respect as if we were in their place we might have failed to achieve that personality that they have. We see hundreds and thousands of people on daily basis but we don’t know the sufferings of each and every person,but still they keep smiling, i say for that they deserve a lot of respect.
  • Giving the best possible to friends, except our family other people we have who live with us and support us the whole life are non other than our friends. Friends basically are nearly the same age group as our’s so they know our feelings in a better manner,sometimes better than our parents. These people give us moral,academical,emotional and much more support in our life. They give us that love and affection which we need the most during our bad times.
  • Concentrating on our goal, by the time you enter your “teen-age” you have to become perfect for what you are aiming for, let me take an example a football player’s aim is to score points/goals,defend for his team,do the best he could to make his team win….the same way we need to plan our goals, we need to hit or score points by continuously achieving a part of our goal day by day..hour by hour..minute by minute. Each one of us have aim in our lives and we need to work 24*7 for it regardless of conditions.

We have to give our 100% and leave the rest, for everyone who is reading this article..now the time you completed reading my article you may have many views and understandings  about me but what bothers me is now onward you will have that spirit ignited in you and you will go on achieving..I hope that each and every one of you will definitely become a successful person and role model for other people…

I hope my algorithm is clear to you !!  :p :p


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