Don’t you bleed? How many years has it been?

The wound looks fresh, the flesh is Glowing!

Who are You?

How can you stick to a schedule like a Pro?

How can you be so Insensitive?

What are you made of? Does that not Hurt you?

How heartless can you be?

Don’t you have a Soft Corner?

Is the soul inside you Dead?

How many light years would it take to peek through that Heart?

Why don’t you sleep? What stops you from falling Asleep?

Is success everything for you?

What drives you to do such immense amount of Hard Work?

Why can you rest for a day, Just Sleep a bit?

Why is that you don’t Cry at all?

How can you be so Pale?

How can you be so Emotionless?

Don’t you feel the Pain?

Why do you’ve to be so different from the rest of us?

Thousands of questions shot at Me,

I chose to reply with a Single word;



Do machines celebrate their birthday or do they not?

Do they Live or do they just Exist?

Do they feel Emotions or do they Enact?

Is it normal to be Isolated for 5 years socially? Away from crowd and people,

What difference does it make anyway to a Machine?

People bullying and calling you as Machine,

Immense restraint,

But I tend to forget,

After all I’m a machine, Ain’t I?




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4 thoughts on “Máquina

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  1. Deep. Reminded me of a old movie called wizard of oz. There was a tin man who craved for a heart but this
    is opposite in this questionable poem. Ironic to witness it in real life. Every thing needs time. A emotional take on words… Keep blogging man ✌🌸

    Liked by 2 people

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