Croissant – How I Bought Her a Lipstick

“No, walking is not better than long rides. I hate to walk” She said.

“And at your pace, walking feels like running, Please, I hate it” She added.

“I’m glad to be the reason for you to get a new pair of footwear in that case”

He replied with a wink.

“That was certainly the worst line ever in the history of mankind” She teased him.

“So, what would you like to have for dinner?”

“Anything except your Indo-Asian experiment” She replied.

“Toast with multiple cheese layers while binge-watching a series?” He asked.

“Along with warm hugs and ambient lighting,” He added.

What could she probably complain about that setup?

A perfect 120th date night,

Reminiscent of their first date night,

When He bought her a lipstick,

Well, the gift was ordinary, but the journey was marvelous,

A Lipstick that traveled 4 countries to reach her,

“Forgetting your belongings is not how you should consider traveling” He nudged her.

“Do you think I left that by mistake over there or was it by purpose?” She replied.

He was shocked to hear that, just like how he was before when she proposed him on her knees,

They roamed the streets of Italy hand in hand,

Things were different for them,

It wasn’t just about the healthy relationship that hey shared,

It was more about Empathy & Acceptance, Flaws, Dreams, Desires and Fun

Where the mediocre couples cared about Likes and Dislikes,

There was a new engraving to their relationship,

Not like the ones which are present on the ring,

This was engraved, deep into their Souls,

And that’s how he bought a lipstick for Her,

Not too flashy, Not too shimmery,

Just a lighter shade,

A perfect one,

She loved it.

Isn’t life all about finding that perfect Shade, that perfect blend,

Which brings a smile across her Face,

This hectic compromises that we do, Do they need to be done?

Aren’t simple things the most Awesome?

Why do we have to exaggerate everything to this hypothetical category called “Exceptional”,

Why can’t we stop?

A perfectly Lit Rooftop Bar,

Ambient lights, Lots of food,

There would be no one, Just you and Me,

And an entire night full of Talks, Tantrums, and Travel,

What do you think?

“Just Perfect” She replied.

“Well, I was asking about the shade of Lipstick” He questioned.

“Well, you never fail to surprise me, do you?” She answered.

And both giggled while they had their last snack together on the Terrace of a 15 Floor scraper.

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