A Knight in a Shining Armour

It was an exhausting day, After a hefty amount of hard work, I fell asleep, And woke up near her, She was reading a book, I could feel her hand on my forehead, She was making sure my body temperature was normal, She thought I was still asleep, How lucky I was to get her... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Date-2

Her way of work was state of art kinda thing for all her competitors, None approached her, she was smart enough to foil the first move made by any guy, How could he forget that day, when he had a coffee with her, When he foiled her first move, her expression was priceless, Her eyes... Continue Reading →

The Concept Called “LOVE”

A feeling or an activity? Something that motivates us or something that's just a series of events? Something that our soul enjoys or something that's just a social show off? Something that's felt or something that demands a feeling? Something precious or something that demands your precious ones? A wall to protect or a property... Continue Reading →

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