The Story of a Keyboard

"The Story of a Keyboard" is my take on "Theory of Stress" and "Theory of Bouncing back with the best plan". Let's first understand about "Theory of Stress". We, humans, are occupied with some or the other task. Let it be as simple as "boiling an egg" or as complex as "testing a multi-million dollar... Continue Reading →

The Power of Observation

It was a chilly Monday morning, I came to interview a "not so known" personality. He was known for his anonymity, Handful people knew about him, He served Intelligence wing, He was a cut above, That's what his records conveyed, I was framing questions that I had to ask him, I never got to see... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Mundane Glance-Psychology Unfolded

Dearest readers, There are some posts in the world that leave you puzzled, and out of words as well as out of breath in happiness. But sometimes, in my sense, it is good to be incessantly jubilant. Readers are the main backbone of a writer, the inspiration that is their light in the grimmest hours. You all selflessly... Continue Reading →

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