The Art Of Thinking

INTRODUCTION: Now let’s have a look at one of the buzz words in the recent time i.e. A.I. This word brings different emotions to a different set of people many are afraid of it and many are totally into it to unlock the mysteries of nature. here the thing how can A.I. just unlock some... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Machine Learning

Welcome back Parimi’s Nation. Last time we have learnt about Secret Sharing and Artificial Intelligence. Now let’s dive into Machine Learning. Today we shall learn about what is machine learning, how are the algorithms classified, understanding the supervised and unsupervised algorithms and mind map of the available algorithms. What is Machine Learning? In order to... Continue Reading →

Ladder Of Secrets

Acknowledgements: A research article on “Cryptography” made possible with the guidance and help of,   Prof.V.V.S.S.S.Balaram, Head of Department(Information Technology) SreeNidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, Telangana-501301   Researched and Published by, Tejaswi Pinnaka, IT-F4, 15311A12J1, SNIST   *Not for reproduction

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