Dawn till Dusk

It would be just you and me, I would postpone all of my work for you, It's been a long time since we spent some time together, Gazing the sky full of stars, Away from this city-hush, It would all be so good, with you beside me, I don't have to worry about anything else,... Continue Reading →

A Knight in a Shining Armour

It was an exhausting day, After a hefty amount of hard work, I fell asleep, And woke up near her, She was reading a book, I could feel her hand on my forehead, She was making sure my body temperature was normal, She thought I was still asleep, How lucky I was to get her... Continue Reading →

The Concept Called “LOVE”

A feeling or an activity? Something that motivates us or something that's just a series of events? Something that our soul enjoys or something that's just a social show off? Something that's felt or something that demands a feeling? Something precious or something that demands your precious ones? A wall to protect or a property... Continue Reading →

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