If You Could See Me Now!

Jake was a late bloomer He took a lot of time to understand and compute the way things are done. He was not among the brightest kids in his class. But he was different.  Where everyone fixed academic marks as a tool to measure intelligence, he believed in doing things in a different manner for... Continue Reading →

I have a Vision

It's always about the "Change" which needs to be brought, But not about "Let's bring the change", It's always about how many books a bag can hold, But never about how much stress a "young" brain can hold, It's always about "How much time it takes for your friend to arrive", But never about "How... Continue Reading →

Depression among Students-A Case Study

Let's just understand and accept the fact that more and more students are getting depressed because of the present scenarios in the system, let's just give ourselves time and come up with an excellent idea where students at least undergo Recreation or are given some time for themselves and their loved ones, well the point is when you have a heavy load laden over your back, you don't sit with it!!! You just drop it at its place and then you take a deep breath!

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