Dear Social Life of Mine

Dear Social Life of Mine, I know you've ceased to exist, But that's the joy in writing a hypothetical letter to the Hypothetical "Me", We got issues to talk about, We got real issues to discuss, I know, I've been tough on you,  But time always demanded this from me, I completely blame myself for... Continue Reading →

A Mask for a Lifetime

Scrolling through the camera roll, I did find a lot many memories, Every time they could see an expressionless face, Trying to fit in the frame in a very awkward manner, Not every person who shows emotion is emotional, And not every person who doesn't shower emotion is emotionless, Here I was, on a crossroad,... Continue Reading →

The Reason behind “Why Humans Cage?”

It all started with humans confining pets, But now things are different. Humans have evolved and so did their practices, they now cage other humans and their feelings. Let me present you this statement with a simple yet interesting story. Julia and Andrew were in a long-term relationship, They were happy that they are together... Continue Reading →

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