Broken Radio

While writing the final chapter in his book, He mentioned how to not just live but to lead a beautiful life, No regrets, Nobody to answer to, Nobody to be responsible for, I was amazed when I was finally able to pen down my thoughts for myself, It was different, when I decided to resign,... Continue Reading →

The 3 a.m Concept

So let me explain a cute little concept to you via an example, There are two different types of cake kept before you, and you are given an option to choose one, out of which one you already familiar with(in terms of taste) whereas the other one you are not familiar with. So what are... Continue Reading →

Let’s take a Leap !

Whenever i undergo few situations, the inner me screams " Let's take a leap!!!". Living in this petty-minded, Egoistic,narrow-minded society which lacks pragmatism. Let me introduce you to a world where we have more misunderstanding's than those "s" and "I" in misunderstandings, Lack of Valuable Education:  I believe that education system should change according to... Continue Reading →

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