I tried to enter this world, this digital arena, Where there are wars being fought on social media, Hoaxes took over facts by mere likes, And did got spread in this world where people as an information source are scarce to find, Yes! I am an old-school, I still carry a diary and prefer them... Continue Reading →

Aren’t We Lost?

Amidst all the taps and scrolls, I still carry a pocket diary, For them, it's their EverNote, But for me, its a pen and paper and raw emotions, For them, my memo book is an alien thing, For me their smartphones are, I lost myself somewhere in this world, Where they were busing scrolling up&down... Continue Reading →


Hello friends, i am back with new article on technology and effects, Let me take you 5 years back when we actually enjoyed out time playing football and cricket in fields,going to dance classes, attending party's , chilling out with friends, and enjoying the moments rather than capturing them using lenses...we used to use a... Continue Reading →

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