Dear Social Life of Mine

Dear Social Life of Mine, I know you've ceased to exist, But that's the joy in writing a hypothetical letter to the Hypothetical "Me", We got issues to talk about, We got real issues to discuss, I know, I've been tough on you,  But time always demanded this from me, I completely blame myself for... Continue Reading →


I tried to enter this world, this digital arena, Where there are wars being fought on social media, Hoaxes took over facts by mere likes, And did got spread in this world where people as an information source are scarce to find, Yes! I am an old-school, I still carry a diary and prefer them... Continue Reading →

Understanding The “Apps”

There are two different words we fail to understand every single time, NECESSITY & ADDICTION One shouldn't always blame an individual for using apps which are merely a time waste for them. Now again a question that arises over here is Entertainment & Infotainment. Infotainment A term and popular buzzword for a media device or service... Continue Reading →

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