It wasn't some flashy jewellery, It wasn't some cool car, Things we do, They were simple, A walk alongside a park, A treat near a local store, Two rounds around the huge green boundary walls, On my little cycle, I would sway past him like a pro-racer each time when I would come across him... Continue Reading →


I was nervous, for the first time ever in my life, I was not used to the call "Dad", Never did I have thought about holding my baby in my own arms, I did have a rough childhood, divorced parents, Frightening memories, A series of bad luck, Thousands of hours of Self-isolation in my room,... Continue Reading →

The Final Transaction

It was a pleasant evening in Paris, a little drizzle and the pathway lit-up with beautiful street lamps which resonated with the 19th century. Beautiful dim street lights with yellowish blaze lit-up the streets with the smell of beautiful roses. Fresh and alive as the people who resided there. Everyone knew the source of the... Continue Reading →

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