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This is Kalyan Parimi, a full-time Data Scientist, Certified Behavioral & Social Psychologist who loves to observe Humans and pens down his wonderful observations into a Diary, which later takes the form of this digital post and an individual who is trying to do justice to his 22 years of existence 🙂

He has authored 15+ IEEE publications which you can have a look at HERE and has authored 3 books which are available on amazon by the name of “Beyond the Mundane Glance – Psychology Unfolded”, “My Part of Life – Series of Events” and “Purple – A Series of Short Stories”. He specializes in a unique writing style which gets to the core of the reader’s heart and leaves a long-lasting impact.

He believes to derive value & learning from every single blog of his, hence drops by hints of various social observations which are later found by his avid readers in the comments section. He does belong to this approachable kind of humans, who can bring interesting conversations to the table!


Kalyan Parimi


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  1. You have written amazing things. The last time I read your post was when you just started writing and I can see how beautifully you have grown and how beautifully your skills have improved. I wish you luck and I hope you keep writing such interesting things.

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