Aren’t we all, All about the stories,

Each character carries a different essence, an Enigma,

Every individual fighting their battles in silence,

Reeking sorrows, Bleeding battle scars,

Aren’t we all broken,

Broken apart.

United by little moments of Togetherness and Warmth,

A bunch of Roasted Marshmallows, as we stick together, trying to find our own palettes,

Maybe we forgot, that we ought to Live,

As Existence seems artificial, I try to give it up for the two hundredth time,

They say that repeating something grows in you as a habit,

Maybe I should’ve given up long back,

As I stand strong against, I look back,

To the times when I wasn’t charred,

When the Days weren’t gloomy and the Nights shined Bright,

While I try to decorate my battle scars,

I did leave a plate of marshmallows, this time, they weren’t roasted!!


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One thought on “Valediction

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  1. Next time share the roasted marshmallows. Sometimes sharing is all we need both emotionally and for the sweet tooth. What can I say Kalyan simple and neat as always.✌


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