Devil’s Cloak

This world was never a Rewarding one,

Never Equal,

As injustice and the Rat race prevails,

I finally took off,

My soul – Burdened, Exhausted, and Tormented,

As I rehearse my smile before a mirror,

For the hundredth time, I could see myself failing at this,

There used to be a colossal Auditorium,

Full of Folks looking up to me, In Awe,

And here I am, This time staring at the night sky,

A sky, which held itself from showing me a shooting star,

Were they too afraid that I would make a wish,

Or were they fearful about what I would wish for?

As I turn my back to them and walk away,

This time I chose the Cloak, the Wings did no good,

As I descend the stairs, I could hear the thuds on the door,

They were back,

The restraints!

But, were they enough to overpower the cloak,

As I witnessed the Devil unleash within me,

There was a boy afar, peeking through the window,

I could not control it anymore,

I wasn’t this Evil, or was I?


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  1. Haha you are pure evil bro..Every villan was once a pure sole that was too good for this world. Well put together in words. ✌


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