Rihaayi De

Finally a day without responsibilities on the shoulder of the 24 year old,

A day where he doesn’t have to wake up midnights,

When he doesn’t have to put his goals into a cage,

Wrapped up in a blanket,

He still had that charm,

Lying lifeless,


And Calm,

A Smile across his colorless face,

A Smile that reflected his freedom,

From all the burdens he was carrying since 9 years now,

The screams couldn’t be heard by anyone,

No one was crying their heart out,

It was a slow-peaceful mourning,

The one that was destined to last long,

As he put all his guards down and finally gave up,

A warrior used to be, was now ripped off his decoration,

Not everyone had the courage to drag themselves this far,

It wasn’t the first time that he appeared lifeless,

He was always the one,

The quiet one,

Sufferings finally mutilated his heart after doing his brain,

“Isn’t it already over, Can’t you rest now?” asked the messenger,

“Well, someone has to look over these fellas while I ain’t there” He replied while taking those thousand steps.


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