The Trade

A deal was finalized,

This time there was no way to back-off,

The agreement was torn apart piece by piece as I adhered to the rules,

It was never a cake walk, and there was no other way out for me,

I’d to take this up,

I’d to take it to the end, Before it lay its wrath upon me,

Was I too confident?


Was I too curious?

Was I testing my limits?


Was I putting others to test my patience?

My world was scattered, Who’s isn’t?

We all live in a shattered world, Don’t we?

But few have regrets, fewer have complaints.

And then there’s us, We can’t complain, neither can we regret,

We were left to think in a strategic way,

Because no one held us!

No one backed us up,


There was no one to lay our backs and relax on,

They say that everyone has their own issues and problems,

But everyone at the end of the day has a Home, FULL of people they love,

Life was all about a TASK LIST,

Did I complete it yet?

Or was there something left?

Did I close the deal?


Was there much more to add?


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