As I swayed my head away onto the other side of the room,

I could sense my reflection go side to side,

“Don’t you know how much time you spend staring at that point on the wall?”

“What’s that?” “Why do you stare at it so much?”

“Aren’t you tired?, Don’t you wanna go to sleep?”

The questions never took a break,

Neither did I

It wasn’t just me, I was in a dire need to stop,

I wanted to stop myself,

I knew I couldn’t carry it on anymore,

I don’t know why I even kept myself busy,

Maybe that was my way to handle distress,

Everyone complained that I was doing multiple things,

But no one took some time to find out why I was taking up responsibilities,

I failed several times,

I wasn’t me anymore, It has been 9 years now,

I still regret the decision that I took upon for myself,

To be someone who would be looked upto,

Laden with realistic expectations with a hypothetical goal, I set my goal,

It was Tiring, Gruesome, Grilling, the finest would have considered death to be much easier to achieve,

I had options,

But the memories flashing before my eyes,

The Details,

They were tiring,

Emotionally exhausted, Physically lost, This is me.

A person who never gave up,

Someone whom the society still doesn’t know how to empathize with,

We, humans, have lost it. Empathy!


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  1. It’s the toll tax that one has to pay for being strong. With a idiom I will end this- Tall trees are cut first as the crooked trees are of no use. Same with people.
    Keep up the good work✌

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