As I lay down,

I started sweating profusely,

It wasn’t the heat, The ventilation couldn’t be blamed on a breezy night,

I could feel it run down my chest and spine,

As I held her report,

Thoughts were spread all across the marble floor,

Over the diner,

While I dropped my fork twice in dismay,

I could sense the transition of shadows over time,

As it passed through that translucent jar containing jellies,

I’d given up on myself,

Reminded myself to live the present,

Pushed myself to accomplish everything I could ever dream about,

But wasn’t it too late ?

Wasn’t I to be blamed ?

While I go to bed each day, there’s a fear,

Fear of losing,

A person who won all the battles that were thrown at him,

Now glimmered across the hallway,

Little did he know that his soul had already called it a quit.

It was just the same for him,

The Marble floor,

The jellies and shadows,

And waking up tired!


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  1. Reminded me of someone who I regularly taunt. Sometimes living in the present may seem suffocating . Just like how our fingers are uneven so is life in its ways . Keep up the good work and keep blogging✌

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