I Want to Quit! – A Rant

A subtle feeling to call it a quit,

Was much more than just tired!

It’s a different feeling altogether

You’re tired but You can’t sleep,

You want to give up, but you can sustain the feeling of doing nothing,

You feel trapped,

You call it a day off, You go to bed, but you can’t wear the stress off,

It was never about the efforts you put into getting things done,

It was rather about the time you spent for yourself, Wasn’t it all about luck?

You were over boarding things probably,

Exhaustion was just an outcome there,

The real troubles were yet to arrive, They were just on hold,

What does it take to sacrifice everything for just that one goal?

Do you know how it feels when you put your everything for just one little thing,

Not something extravagant,

It was a mere wish, You work hard, You run sleepless nights over cycle,

You wake up the next day on your bed, curled up like a ball,

The warmth over your ears,

Anticipation, Exhaustion and Fearlessness runs through your spine,

Making its way all the way through your head,

Socializing scares you, You aren’t scared of seeing people stare at you,

You tend to pity them, The way they live, The aimlessness,

You break down, fall apart, piece by piece,

Why couldn’t we live a self-centered lifestyle? Is it too much to ask for?

Or was I doomed already?

Too many questions that demanded answers but here I was,

Lost amidst the Mist,

The Mist that transformed me already,

Moulded my physical presence,

I was just a thought, an Idea, wasn’t I?

And hence, I call it a quit!


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