And the fight just got a new turn,

It was the 100$ bill,

We both fought on who would be paying for it,

“Men don’t have to pay, we can split it” She whispered to me,

“I agree, we can split after we reach home” I reacted.

“And there you go, Doctor is diverting the topic again” She responded with a smile.

“You wish, if it was so easy to understand me” I stated with a smug smile,

And the war began,

Creasing my jacket and poking her notoriously pointed “fake” nails on my formals,

She was to be blamed to initiate a war,

Don’t blame me for breaking the spring of her favorite hair clip,

Neither was I responsible for breaking those expensive pencil heels,

She started it,

Among all those little adventurous fights,

There was a drop of blood on one of her finger,

While I searched for First Aid,

She stood there laughing at me,

I realized the Dollar note had just left a paper cut on my finger which led to bleeding,

She performed first aid while I stood like a fool in front of everyone,

And neither did the Café accept that bloody note, Quite literally.

Life is all about the little moments we cherish, little joys that we knit together while we grow old.

Thousands of problems and hundreds of fights, but is all of it worth looking back at?

I guess NO 😊


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