City through Her Wheelchair

While the world was fishing for that perfect one,

I was strolling along with a lovely person on a wheelchair,

Her excuse for stealing a wheelchair was that she couldn’t walk at my pace by my side,

And since the car could never make across those narrow lanes,

Her excuse was justified,

The city never appeared so unique to me before,

The lanes that I crossed several times for office never appeared so overwhelming,

I stood there admiring the brain of the architect behind the sidewalk design,

And there she was, on a motorized wheel chair enjoying it to the fullest by taking several spins,

Where my brain was still perplexed,

She was living the moment, racing through the little corners, near the crossovers,

Enjoying every part of the unplanned trip,

Where people tend to find it tough to get some timeout for their loved ones, there she was, left an entire board meeting to do stupid things with her partner in crime

The unpredictable kind,

One who refused to give up,

Things weren’t so merry for her,

It took her 4 years to get off that wheelchair,

Questioning existence of resourceful people,

She just demanded happiness,

Unpredictability did cause troubles,

Just how it did for everyone,

But was she afraid?

The Luxury of being able to walk after years was enough for her,

Where people measured in terms or “LPA” (Lacs per Annum)

She measured in terms of places she visited along with him,

It wasn’t something re-defined as they say,

It was designed by Her.

A World!



PS: Didn’t want to give this a sad ending but believe me, this is how it is.


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