Broken Radio

While writing the final chapter in his book,

He mentioned how to not just live but to lead a beautiful life,

No regrets, Nobody to answer to, Nobody to be responsible for,

I was amazed when I was finally able to pen down my thoughts for myself,

It was different, when I decided to resign, not just from something I didn’t love to do, but something I didn’t like to pursue,

Was I living this robotic life as they claimed?

Was I too occupied to enjoy myself?

Or was it just me hallucinating over a couple of shots?

I did just not wonder how this world works, But I discovered a new meaning behind everything that ever happened to me,

How I misjudged situations and molded them in a way so that I could just prove my worth?

Why did I end up at the brink?

Just when I realized the way things were designed to work,

Surprisingly humans did count among those things,

Quite surprisingly, I was now able to comprehend every single activity,

I was just a tool for many,

The intelligent brain with a clean heart,

It was quite different, people are scared of their demise,

But aren’t scared of the “Evil”,

The Sins.


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