The business class was as exquisite as it had be,

The to and fro trips took an emotional toll on me,

Like every time, this time too it was the same chauffer, “Sam”,

Things were quite well-versed between us,

He would welcome me with a formal “Hello, Welcome aboard the luxury Merc!” followed by a fatherly hug that would bring tears down my cheek,

It was quite obvious why I summoned him by “Vader” whenever we met,

This man had a past of chauffeuring around the most rare pack of people around,

But all of them refrained to talk, they’d things that they ought to hide,

And here I was, a person who was barely recognizable, barely made public appearance,

For some reason the simplicity of this guy always got my attention,

He would park his Merc at the Hotel, would take a bus to his caravan,

He didn’t have anyone to call his family, He blamed his choices for that,

And I blamed his choice of profession for that,

He had stories to tell, some of the best ones that I ever came across,

He could drive probably anything, from a heavy-duty truck to a limousine,

He understood how mechanics worked,

He knew how to service nearly any vehicle on the road that could be spotted,

He always had this one answer to the question I always used to poke him with, “Did you ever find someone whom you wanted to lead your life with?”

His answers were always amusing,

“I might spend an entire night waiting for a single person and to open the car-door for that person, and that person might not be my wife. I might return home and might not for few days, but will everyone understand that? Why would they marry a person who cannot make it at the right time to home to spend time with his better half? One who might be driving someone at a remote location and missing over those crucial hours in the labor room”

His thought process was justified, His statements negated themselves against his heart when he spoke about love of his life,

“Everyone falls in love” He Quoted.

I nodded.

However, I never understood why “Falling in Love” was a term commonly used, rather than “Being in Love”. The fact that always amused me to my core.

As we were nearing to my destination,

He questioned “Have you ever been in love young man?”

“That’s a story for the next trip, if you promise on picking me up from Airport” I replied with a smile.

– Dr. Kalyan Parimi

While we humans try to find the best possible partner for ourselves, we tend to forget about the flaws that made us “fall” in love with that person at the first place. We tend to move things quickly and we later stop adoring and find those flaws disturbing which we used to love before!!

Life isn’t all about the merry things, because they are meant not to last forever. But loved ones are!


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