As I wrote the last chapter in the letter to her,

Things were put to rest,

This time it was my best suit that was handed over to her,

Each time the unit went into an ambush,

A suit was to be blamed, Not just a uniform,

I was tired, Not because of the losses I had to encounter,

Rather because I had no one by my side,

My closet grew those dark corners,

Humans were always the most amusing creatures,

Never understood the difference between “Empathy” and “Understanding”,

Was it just the literature that we had to blame?

Or was it the way we operated?

No one could ever understand the difference between a Suit and an Uniform,

I never expected them to, I would never blame them,

It was quite tough to pass through that phase,

Phase where you would just sit staring your service pistol for several minutes,

You are still trying to figure out the way you had to commit it,

A least painful departure, Trying to not go into a shock,

Trying not summarize things, ones and for all,

And while I tried to do that, My whole life’s work flashed before me,

And there I was still considering second chances would lead to one more task list, a never ending one this time!


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