Long Conversations, Different Places

Enormous amount of emoji’s were shared between us,

Hundreds of calls and facetime hours,

With every mile we travelled, We could see a new sunrise,

Every night it was just us,

Holding onto long conversations,

Different places,

We had mutual hatred for this,

But it was all about surviving right?

Surviving the tough times,

Holding on a little longer,

The transition from texts to calls was a nervous one,

This was the first time we were able to hear each other,

It felt ALIEN!! The words, The sentences, Everything felt Novel,

Her voice was just beautiful,

It was tough to comprehend,

As time took toll on us, we felt deprived,

Holding onto little conversations, we found peace,

“Long conversations, Different Places” is all about those little things that we humans tend to forcefully misunderstand. While we try to send thousands of texts, we tend to forget about the basic form of communication, probably that’s why we are gifted with a voice box and an ear-drum probably.

This lockdown hasn’t been easy on us and we deserve few more words, few more puns, few more bad jokes, and probably few more healthy little conversations until we put ourselves to sleep.



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