The Fugitive(s)

Running through the memory lane,

They found the forbidden pictures of one another,

Along the alleyway, Enjoying a beautiful slice of Neapolitan pizza,

They discovered their true self,

It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, Neither was it some cliche destination,

Away from the hush at Eatery,

Miles away from the upbeat music, honks, and busy little world,

They enjoyed their little meal.

She was a simple human, desired nothing above Respect & Love,

Pursued by intellectuals, She was a charm!

He was a person with thousand dreams, One who was pursued by the Press all the time,

Escaping each time in his barricaded pod, He forgot how it feels to Walk,

Always Suited up, He wasn’t himself,

Whereas she hated that lab coat, She always desired to wear bold clothes to work!

But, Scientists had that option blocked forever,

She could recollect her memories from the Prom, The way she walked down the aisle with all the confidence,

And tripped over her own dress,

The next frame, There He was offering her a change of clothes from his locker,

Tags read his struggle, She refrained herself from asking him questions,

Her wrists read a different story, He refrained to ask,

Life was not quite easy on both of them,

Finding their own ways of happiness, they were true souls,

As she received multiple awards for her contribution to the science society,

He stepped up his achievement game by developing smart solutions for firms,

They enjoyed little things that the world ceased to understand,

“So, you didn’t change at all, still hiding from people” She asked.

“At least, I didn’t trip over my dress 6 years back” He replied with a wink,

“And there he goes, Mr. Touch me Not Plant” She added.

They were Fugitives,

The Fugitive couple, The one who refused to accept the social barriers,

The one who stayed happily ever after,

Enjoying their time in the little cozy cafes,

They found Love,

They found Peace.

Life is nothing but a slideshow of Memories, Isn’t it?

Let’s make few 🙂


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