Choice: Knot Or Not?

“Wasn’t this supposed to be simple?”

Just a Ring.

A little bit of Happiness and Hell lot of Thoughts!

Was this how it was supposed to be?

Or had it be.

Someone walking down the aisle, smiling at you,

Taking away all your sorrows with just a Smile,

Where thoughts took a corner seat, and happiness took a front seat,

Where Life came to a Calm & Soothing pause,

Marriage shouldn’t be a forceful Knot tied between two individuals,

Rather it should be a Bridge between two Souls,

A Bridge that connects Emotions, Ideas, Thoughts, Hobbies, and a World,

Where people lock themselves up in their own World,

Marrying a person when you aren’t quite ready is permitting an Intruder,

Is it just a Deed? Or something more than this?

Sustainability & Longevity!!

Something that no one talks about, No one speaks about,

Is it because they are scared? Is it because they’re tired of seeing the same person every morning?

Thoughts have no Barrier!

Pushing someone over that Barrier is equivalent to giving a kid a candy,

The Kid would enjoy candy for a few days, maybe a year, he would buy it often,

And then he forgets about it, His memory of candy fades,

And that’s exactly what happens when an individual is pushed to Marry,


It’s more about entering a new world, World of a totally different person,

Exploring his/her creations, the beauty that exists, sorrows,

Giving attention to tiny little details,

Just how you admire a painting, You admire the Personality of an Individual,

What he/she went through, Who he/she has evolved into overtime,

Is it just a thread or a ring that keeps two people together?

That little piece of metal isn’t something that holds you together,

If it did then people would have invented magnetic waist belt xD,


Life is just a one-time Beautiful Event,

Spending it with people around you and a special one,

One who doesn’t only be on your side when things are bad, but when things are good,

And people tend away from this little dream, trying to achieve such complex things,

We humans would never change!

But We do Evolve!!



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