When I die,

Don’t cry, Just stay strong like you always were,

A Role Model for Me,

A sky, full of hopes,

A sea of infinite opportunities,

When I die,

Don’t cry, Remember those times when we all were together,

From stealing little things from the cupboards,

And paying the price by studying the whole night and promising not to watch TV for two days,

Remember that time when I used to run behind you to catch up with your pace,

When I didn’t want you to reach school in the first place before me,

How I hurried to tie a shoelace, And rally down the stairs?

When I die, 

Don’t cry, The candies I gave you to get my work done,

How I bribed you to draw diagrams for my journal,

How I borrowed your handkerchief, just to polish my shoe before your friends,

The day we sat outside the bus, drifting apart and coming close at the same time,

I was an emotionless bastard to start with.

When I die,

Don’t cry, I might not be able to send you birthday mails anymore,

Though I’ve scheduled emails till 2030,

I’m still sceptical,

I would be long gone, Away from you, drifting apart as always.

Remember, I did my best, achieved all my goals,

Created new goals, Created a thousand schedules,

Did so many things in Life, Never stopped,

I forgot how to live,

When I die,

Please let me live, away from these chores, responsibilities,

Away from this little busy world, All about money,

Let me just Rest in True Peace.

Situations were always tough for us humans, But they weren’t meant to be,

Everything is a Time-Series,

The world is now how it looks to be, There’s much more depth that needs to be uncovered,

Secrets buried, Letters torn, Messages Deleted, Traces Hidden,

I would love to build another world, Where the mode of a transaction would be respect & skill.

Where there would be no class, rather there would be a breed,

A Breed of intelligent Humans, No Bounds

When I Die,

Just Smile, Be Happy that this Machine is No More A Machine,

He’s a Human now.





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  1. What can I say? Something that provokes everyones mind. How a man that sold his sole to be a machine. A splendid take on a touch me not plant I know.Keep blogging and keep up the good work✌🌸

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