It wasn’t some flashy jewellery, It wasn’t some cool car,

Things we do, They were simple,

A walk alongside a park,

A treat near a local store,

Two rounds around the huge green boundary walls,

On my little cycle,

I would sway past him like a pro-racer each time when I would come across him walking along the pavement,

It gave me a gist of someone who is very good at something,

And he would just look at me and smile,

Where everyone awaited my fall, There was my Dad, Looking at Me,

Like I would do some Magic or a Miracle,

Little did he know that I barely believed in Miracles,

It was quite an easy task to make him happy,

Just good grades and behaviour,

Not like every other parent, He never demanded them,

He just acknowledged them,

Time used to fly by, most of the time he used to work, and nights were quiet,

A family dinner, A Chinese TV-show, 

And sound sleep during nights, That was his daily routine,

He never expected any flashy glittery gifts,

I knew his love for food,

I would bring him “Patra” & “Khaman”, two of his favourites,

And he would be cherishing them like a kid who won a big bar of chocolate in lottery,

He was a minimalist, Expected least, Gave more,

Where the world as moving fastly towards consumer electronics,

He still believed in in-person element,

And I used to love that because I get to cycle while he would enjoy his talks,

Strong as hell, He was quite a Man,

Pushing a car single-handedly to the nearest petrol pump,

I feared him sometimes, His anger was quite frightening,

But nevertheless, he was a good soul, a kind one,

Who looked after me the whole time,

Even now, When I’ve everything, Money, Status, Name & Fame,

I cannot gift him anything,

Because he was destined.

To give away all the happiness to us and leave.



Dedicated to a person who was always Selfless!!










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