There used to be a Boy, who used to prepare tea every morning for her mother,

The boy never missed the schedule when he had to prepare tea.

Things were quite out of place for his family but tea was something that brought them closer, Each day.

Life wasn’t a smooth sail for the boy, there were problems, there were tensions, and there were situations, just like every normal family,

After thousands of fuck ups in the family when the boy grew up,

Made money, Did a good business, Worked his ass-off, He became a lavish owner of an entire villa,

He became so rich that he wouldn’t get below the silver cutlery to have his dinner,

The tea tradition stopped because of his overly sized maid staff,

After his mom’s demise, things were now different for his family, 

Where there were only the staff and the walls to talk to, His best friend, his mom, laid in her coffin at peace,

He had a meeting to attend one day,

The clients were adamant about their demands, And so was he,

He wouldn’t get down a step, just when he saw the waitress serve tea and ask for sugar,

Everyone replied with the number of cubes they wished but no one stood up and did it for themselves,

That’s when he took the kettle and prepared Tea before everyone for every single soul in that meeting room,

To receive the tea everyone stood up and bowed before him

Just when he realized how he presented the tea to his Mom

Bowing before her, and acting like he was serving tea in a golden lined cup when it was just a ceramic cup,

Just how tea should be made and served

With love

And the ingredients were never the tea leaves or sugar cubes or milk

Because he never served actual tea to his Mom,

His mom played with an empty cup along with him while he played the game of him playing roles of chef, tea seller, butler and what not!

Life is a hush-little thing, you don’t exactly know where you gonna see yourself tomorrow, they say it’s highly unpredictable, I would rather say that its “Work & Result” type of model, you tend to work the whole day, and you enjoy the fruit later. Exhaustion is quite likely to happen, but exhaustion is a reward, people at least find sleep post an exhausting day, there are people out there who cannot sleep. Consider yourself lucky. It takes a fortune to become successful, but it takes more than a fortune to Understand and decrypt self.

“Aayat” – A Short story, is about those little things that we miss in our life, people, memories, events, relations, and whatnot. Let’s just try to bring those memories back, every memory is a treasure, isn’t it?





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