I was nervous, for the first time ever in my life,

I was not used to the call “Dad”,

Never did I have thought about holding my baby in my own arms,

I did have a rough childhood, divorced parents,

Frightening memories, A series of bad luck,

Thousands of hours of Self-isolation in my room,

A history of a nervous breakdown,

But this was something unexpected,

It was a baby, A girl, As beautiful as she could be,

I was afraid and scared to hold a baby for the very first time,

They are cute, soft, and fragile,

I ran a lot many ways in my brain on how to hold a baby,

How my arms wouldn’t hurt her, Binge watched hundreds of YouTube videos,

Just to learn how to hold her firmly, And never let her go,

And I ended up at a post-wedding photoshoot of mine,

Life was a full-circle,

As I progressed over time, I saw this cute little snail crawl all over me,

When I was asleep,

For the first them when she held my finger,

A shiver went through my spine, It wasn’t just about her,

It was an oath, It was a promise that I gave to her when she held my finger for the first time,

To never leave her, until death tears us apart,

The soft little creature, what else could it demands except companionship,

Those cute little button eyes looking at me the whole time,

Opening her mouth in awe,

She would stare at me for hours without flinching,

As I was her favourite creature among one other human and a dog,

Her little fingers trying to hold everything that comes her way,

Pulling my cheeks apart when I would be asleep,

“Isn’t she adorable?” That’s what people said when they would watch her sleep,

But I knew this little devil when she would be wide awake,

Demanding attention just like her mom,

This little creature who wasn’t even half of the length of my leg,

Taught me how to Love,

Taught me that the soul lies in the eyes,

Taught me that nothing in this world actually matters,

It’s just the timely food and milk that matters,

Life was as simple as that,

Crawling the whole house, sitting by the staircase,

Trying to ride the dog as a Rodeo,

I could see every inch of mine in her, Every emotion of mine,

She didn’t demand anything in return except Love,

With those hypnotic eyes, and a little bit of babbling,

She taught me how to Love,

The Seed!





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