As I entered the orbit, It felt quite odd,

It has been 35 Earth years of me being alone,

I have been injecting myself with lots of body fluids, I don’t feel alive anymore,

It wasn’t just tough to be left alone, I took it as a challenge,

But I failed to see the fall, Maybe I analyzed a little too much,

It feels quite lonely wandering this big ship,

Consuming supplies of other team members,

Using their clothes and apparatus,

While their lifeless bodies floating somewhere in this universe,

Packed in a carry vehicle and ejected into this universe,

While I looked through the little circular window,

Reading them goodbye’s,

Broadcasting the same SOS over in loops,

I found a way of life, In search of new species,

I was able to hear my heartbeats with the silence that surrounded me,

It wasn’t the Eerie one,

Rather it was just an empty vacuum,

How it was destined to be,

I remember each and every observation I made,

The pen stroke reminded me of the decisions I made in my Life,

Good, Bad, Commendable ones, and the show stoppers,

How could everything come to such an abrupt end,

With these state-of-the-art cutting edge technologies,

How could this happen?

Was it just a mistake or his mere desire,

Spending his time alone in the void, He learned something magnificent,

He pitied humans who request for Death,

At least they could do that,

But what happens after?

They get stuck in a void, full of remorse and sorrow,

For not using a chance given to them,

For not changing things,

For being so illogical to request death,

Maybe the Cosmonaut knew this well,

How it feels to be trapped with infinite opportunities.

“Weave” is a blog dedicated to people who are in the state of pure disapproval & dismay. This is an acceptable state but the level of self-depreciation can cause serious trauma to an individual’s personality. We got to understand that self-underestimation is a way to boost our confidence and take things as a challenge, but if we fail to do so, we end up rounding ourself in a corner of the room.

We got to understand that life is not just about comparison and success. It’s about self valuation & gifting yourself the time you need and the time you actually deserve. Everyone cannot be perfect every time, they cannot succeed every time, because if they do then they would be negating quite a lot of natural laws. We, humans, tend to disobey and put ourselves at the top while we try all the methods to negate things how they should be done. This puts us into a sphere. A sphere of self-depreciation.

What is this and how does it work?

Well, there are two ways this thing actually works, when someone tries to put themself down either because of the misery or just because they want to achieve more. The base remains to be the same i.e. “Comparison” and “Self Dis-satisfaction”. The two major players. People who perform self-evaluation rather than self-valuation are quite at loss. This tends to be the most common insight among youngsters mostly between 20-28 years old. One of the primary reason tends to be their age of undergoing graduation, education which makes them feel less self-independent and this invites most of the problems.


Everything is supposed to be executed at a given time interval.

A 15-year cannot become a Surgeon overnight.

It takes Time + Patience + Dedication





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