As she gulped down the last drop of syrup from the bottle,

Acting as she loved it,

It had now become a thing in her hourly schedule,

She couldn’t unsee it, The void that was left for her,

An Eerie silence that demanded her patience,

Time does heal the scar, but for her, it was quite the opposite,

The scars ceased to heal,

Rather they chose to deepen,

The depth that her words couldn’t map,

As the family sat for dinner,

She was missed, Not because she called it a quit,

She enjoyed her time alone,

Filled her room with all the paintings she could ever draw when she had time,

Books scattered everywhere on her couch,

Whereas the Bed narrated a different story, It was peacefully quiet,

Wrapped in white, Not even a little budge on the bedsheet,

Unwrinkled & Untouched, hugging the mattress tight,

She never slept on it,

The drugs used put her to sleep,

The long nights reminded her of the night outs she used to have with her best friends,

It was quite nostalgic for her,

Because she had to tie friendship band to a new person this year,

It was the ailment she was undergoing,

Chemicals & Antibodies injected into her veins,

She was tired, The night was always endless for her,

Forcing herself to sleep, she used to gobble down the meds,

While the morning blues flushed her thoroughly,

Until one fine day, she won the fight,

This time it was forever,

She rested peacefully than ever before,

Her thirst for something she was longing for years,

Came to an End,

Quiet, Gorgeous & Blissful.Β 




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23 thoughts on “Quench

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    1. Well I put it in a skeptical end, this story was about a 6-year old kid who was suffering cancer and she won it, for the first time she slept peacefully, she no longer had to intake the tonic. She was free, the paintings referred to her drawings, basically lines drawn. I left it for the perspective of readers.

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    1. I’m honoured, Rohini. Your blog was an inspiration since a long time, and still is, but I got to read the posts i bookmarked since few weeks from your site. Stay Safe, Stay Happy. Thanks a ton for your kind words πŸ™‚

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